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Help with sending money to a prisoner

If you read this help section but still have a question about this service, contact us.

This service is free and secure. It’s available in public prisons in England and Wales. But it is not available in private prisons.

You need a bank account to use this service. But you can send money to a prisoner using a postal order, a cheque or cash.

Money should reach the prisoner’s account in up to 3 working days. No money is processed at weekends or bank holidays.

When no prisoner matches the details entered

Please check you entered the details correctly and you're sending money to a public prison. You can also check the details match those held by the prison - ask the prisoner to check with the wing officer.

Help with debit cards

We currently support Mastercard and Visa debit cards only.

You can make an international payment using the debit card method.

Due to security restrictions, some older web browsers are not supported. If you can’t connect to the site to pay, try on another computer or try using a newer web browser, such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 11 and up.

Help with bank transfers

You can use the reference you first generated each time you send money to this particular prisoner.

If your money has been returned: You may have used an incorrect reference. If this is the case, you’ll receive a refund within 4 working days of making the transfer. Your bank statement will show ‘GBS RE NOMS AGENCY’ and the reference will be ‘refund’.

Email confirmation: You don’t receive an email confirmation when you do a bank transfer because when you send money using this method, you only generate the reference on the GOV.UK site. Then you use that reference when you make the bank transfer with your bank in the usual way (by mobile app, online and telephone banking). If you want confirmation that the money was sent, you need to ask your bank for this.

If a payment doesn’t go through: When you make a transfer at a bank branch or from an international bank account, your payment won't go through. That means we can't credit the prisoner and you'll have to request a refund. Please follow these steps:

Find the prison address and write to the prison. Address your letter to the ‘Business Hub’ and confirm:

  • your name
  • your address
  • the prisoner’s name
  • the prisoner number
  • the amount and date you paid
  • the bank branch where you made the payment

The prison will send you a refund by cheque.