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Help with Making a payment

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It says my prisoner number and date of birth don’t match a prisoner

If the person has just arrived in prison, try again tomorrow as it can take one working day for prisoner details to be updated on the system.

But it could be that the prisoner details you’re using don’t match the ones on the prison system.

  • Check you’re using the right prisoner number and date of birth
  • If these are right, the person in prison should check with wing staff that the prison has the same details and get them corrected if not

You won’t be able to send money using our service until your details match what the prison has.

I want to know the prisoner number or date of birth

By law we can’t give out confidential prisoner information. Ask the prisoner for these details.

I want to make a payment from abroad

You can only make a payment from outside the UK using a debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro). We don’t accept credit cards or prepaid debit cards.

I want to send money to a prison in Scotland or Northern Ireland

Our service is only available in prisons in England and Wales. Contact the Scottish or Northern Irish prison directly to find out how to send money to them.

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